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With Valentine’s Day this month, I thought it might be good to poke some fun at how people love and hate technology at the same time. You love tech when it works and hate it when it doesn’t. Anyone with kids or a pet knows what unconditional love is about. We sure don’t associate unconditional love with technology. Do you love your Apple products? Do you love Android or Windows more? Don’t you have a love-hate relationship with technology?

Feeling Frustrated With Your Technology?

Regardless of how you feel about technology, it is all around us and here to stay. Remember when our phone was simple with 12 buttons (or rotary for you older folks)? Our computers were complicated. Now our phones are computers and just as confusing. But we call them “smartphones” – yes, they are smarter than us.

I know all too well how frustrating technology can get. At Just Solutions, we take over 300 calls a day about technology-related questions. We sure don’t have people calling up and telling us everything is working great. All these frustrated users are trying to get something accomplished, whether personal or business, and “something” is preventing them from reaching their goal. There are so many ways technology can frustrate us. I am not going to even begin to make a list. I’m sure you can come up with a long list.

Empathy For Tech Support

Most of the techs, engineers, and programmers I have gotten to know over the years “love” technology more than they hate it. If they didn’t, they would get out of the industry and pick a less stressful career like being a police officer or firefighter. All kidding aside, remember the “help desk” or “computer guy/gal” you are calling for help just want to help you solve the current technology glitch frustrating you at that moment. They are not the cause of the issue, nor do they get enjoyment from you having computer problems. They didn’t make the product you are using, and they sure don’t have control over the Internet. We would rather the phone not ring because everything is working great.

So, try to “share the love” and not abuse the tech on the other end of the phone. Try to show them some love for being patient and helping you accomplish your goals. They really do just want to help. They don’t always have all the answers, but they do like solving puzzles, fixing “stuff”, and sharing the love of tech. Happy Valentine’s Day!

About the Author

As the Vice President, David Wolf is a technology visionary and serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the IT industry. David has achieved the highest industry security certifications of CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional), CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker), and CCISO (Certified Chief Information Security Officer). He enjoys using his technical expertise to help fellow business owners get the most out of their IT.