Securing Your Digital Life

A Proactive Protection Plan For Personal Computers

Disaster Doesn’t Wait

Most individuals today are not doing enough to keep their computers and personal/financial information protected. As of last year, 73% of all Americans had fallen victim to some type of cyber-crime. You are most likely included in that majority.

Do you know which security software is on your computer? When is the last time you updated your security software? How about Windows updates? Are you backing up your data as soon as possible? Are your passwords less than 16 characters in length? Do your passwords contain personal information? Do you use the same password or slight variations across all of your accounts?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are vulnerable.

Complete Coverage

Now ask yourself, would you rather pay more to react to and fix problems or pay less to prevent these problems in the first place? You will have peace of mind knowing your computer and personal/financial information are protected.

That’s why we created JSI Guardian. JSI Guardian is our proactive security and support program.

I had hundreds of pictures that Apple told me were lost forever. Larry would NOT give up. He found them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

JSI Guardian Those Other Guys
PC Tune-Up img_JSIGuardian_check img_JSIGuardian_check
Anti-Virus img_JSIGuardian_check img_JSIGuardian_check
Part Installation img_JSIGuardian_check img_JSIGuardian_check
Security Alerts img_JSIGuardian_check img_JSIGuardian_cross
Anti-Malware img_JSIGuardian_check img_JSIGuardian_cross
Remote Network Support img_JSIGuardian_check img_JSIGuardian_cross
Cyber Security Training img_JSIGuardian_check img_JSIGuardian_cross
Scam Protection img_JSIGuardian_check img_JSIGuardian_cross
Password Managment img_JSIGuardian_check img_JSIGuardian_cross
Data Backup & Recovery img_JSIGuardian_check img_JSIGuardian_cross

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