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All-inclusive cybersecurity solutions for your home or remote computer

In the cyberworld, no one is safe

How well protected is your computer? Just last year, 73% of Americans fell victim to some kind of cybercrime, from malware attacks and phishing attempts to identity theft and ransomware – and you could be next. But with JSI Guardian PC protecting you, you have nothing to fear.

We provide all the basic security protocols to protect your data

Password Encryption

Encode your passwords to prevent unauthorized parties from reading them

Advanced Antimalware

Employ several levels of verification to ensure secure access to data

Data Backups

Daily copies of your vital files are sent to secure facilities to avoid data loss and downtime

What’s included in JSI Guardian

Starting at only $39.99/month, our comprehensive JSI Guardian PC program guarantees superior protection

PC Tuneup


Part Installation

Security Alerts

Limited Network Support

Cybersecurity Training

Scam Protection

Password Management

JSI Guardian ID

Secure the identities of your employees with our all-inclusive JSI Guardian ID monitoring solutions powered by Identity Guard & Watson

We oversee over 600,000 bulletin boards, chat rooms, and websites round-the-clock to recognize illegal selling or trading of vital data, including bank accounts, email addresses, medical ID numbers, driver’s license numbers, passport numbers, credit and debit cards, phone numbers, Social Security numbers, and other personally identifiable information.
We notify you whenever online credentials are compromised and exposed on the Dark Web for malicious purposes.
We monitor personal social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and notify you of privacy or reputation risks.
We trace municipal court systems, including state and county data, and inform you if a criminal act is committed under your or your employees’ name.
We monitor non-credit loans, including payday and quick-cash loans, that don’t require a Social Security number or credit inquiry.
Up to $1 million will apply to the majority of identity restoration-associated fees, with $0 deductible.
We monitor and report if someone’s mail has been redirected though the United States Postal Service (USPS).
We notify you whenever fraudulent names, aliases, and addresses become associated with your or your employees’ Social Security number.
We offer alerts and reports that allow you to discover and monitor registered sex offenders living in your immediate vicinity, and we’ll inform you if a sex offender fraudulently registers in your name or any of your employees’.
The Just Solutions Identity Guard team goes beyond traditional credit restoration and can coordinate with banking institutions, law enforcement officials, and legal representatives on your behalf in case identity theft occurs.

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Price: $39.99
Base plan for home users includes: Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Patching, Updating, Cloud backup of files/data (no programs), Unlimited phone support 9 am - 5pm Monday thru Friday. Emergency after hours help. On-Site Service discounted to $130/hr. Remote PC Support. Free password manager. Free Cyber-security Training videos. Month-to-Month Billing (cancel with 30 days written notice).
Price: $59.99
All features of JSI Guardian PC coverage PLUS: VPN Support of Office Network. Remote Network assistance. Limited home networking support. Company domain support where applicable.
JSI PRO expanded support offerings for small business
Add coverage for us to support you with Office 365 setup, configuration, password recovery, tips and tricks. Full Image Backups of remote workstation. Monthly options are added to base plan.
Price: $130.00
JSI Guardian Setup Fee is a ONE-TIME fee for us to clean your PC of all malware, bloatware, viruses, free disk space, defrag your PC, update windows, install all our protection and monitoring tools.
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