Phone Systems

Reliable, flexible, and affordable phone systems fit for any size business

Unlock advanced call center capabilities with 3CX. Elevate customer service and sales with features like switchboard and wallboard, real-time statistics, call monitoring, and CRM integration. Customize workflows with ease using 3CX CFD, while enjoying seamless integration with Microsoft 365 and popular CRMs.

Leveraging 3CX’s Call Flow Designer streamlines incoming call handling, boosting efficiency and speed. Examples of enhanced customer service include call routing based on authentication, automatic outbound dialing, callback scheduling, credit card authentication, phone orders, surveys, and automated text-to-speech and speech-to-text capabilities across 120 languages.

Experience seamless connectivity with 3CX Apps for Android & iOS, enabling calls, video conferencing, and messaging on the go. Enjoy encrypted communication, make free VoIP calls, and manage queries from various platforms in one interface. With user-friendly Web Client/Desktop Apps, work from anywhere with integrated UC features, including CRM and Microsoft 365 integration, and easily monitor colleague status.

Integrating 3CX with major CRMs streamlines operations, enhancing customer satisfaction and staff productivity. With Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp integration, messages are managed centrally, ensuring compliance and eliminating the need for personal numbers. Agents can respond without accessing social platforms directly, and conversations are logged for reporting and workload sharing.

Elevate your customer communications with 3CX Live Chat, offering seamless interactions directly on your website. With customizable chat queues, you can efficiently manage customer inquiries. Respond conveniently from your web client or the 3CX App, and easily transfer chats to other team members as needed. Take conversations to the next level by transitioning from chat to call or video with a simple click. Gain insights with chat reporting and empower managers with chat monitoring capabilities.

Send messages directly to your customers, ensuring efficient communication. Route messages to multiple agents to guarantee no inquiry goes unanswered. With 3CX, you can keep personal mobile numbers private while maintaining seamless communication channels.

The 3CX phone system boasts integrated video conferencing for up to 250 participants, free of charge. With a single click, users can initiate meetings, dial in remotely, share screens, utilize a whiteboard, conduct polls, record sessions, and chat, providing a comprehensive communication solution.

3CX sets the standard for VoIP security with its comprehensive built-in features. It offers secure web server configuration, automatic detection and blacklisting of SIP attack tools, and global IP blocklists. Encryption is applied to traffic via the 3CX Tunnel for apps and SRTP for voice. The platform also handles SSL certificate management automatically, with top ratings from Qualys Labs and Immunilabs. Automatic failover ensures instant backup, and access to the management console is restricted by IP. Plus, HTTPS encryption secures communication between browsers and the website.

3CX Enterprise phone system

3CX is a robust, fully equipped communications system, which allows you to communicate with your colleagues and customers – anywhere, anytime.

Communication is a critical component of everyday business. Cytracom has taken voice communications to the next level by adding mobility, desktop integration, and messaging to allow businesses and their employees stay in touch at any time and any location. Plus, it integrates with key business productivity tools to give your teams the flexibility and freedom to communicate on their terms.

Unlimited calls within the US and Canada.
Rich messaging and collaboration across Cytracom Mobile and Cytracom Desktop.
Read, listen to, and manage voicemail messages from a single screen.
One number for your phone, desktop, and mobile.
Place callers within a queue or line to wait for the next available employee.
Record incoming and outgoing calls to help with compliance and training.
Never miss a call with a virtual receptionist for your business.
Take your business on the go with the iOS or Android mobile app.
Leverage a powerful communications hub for real-time interactions with teams and customers.
Vertical phone systems allow easy expansion, with a seamlessly scalable communications solution. It’s simple to add capacity, along with all the features you need for fast growth.
The unified communications software gives you the tools you need to communicate and collaborate with customers more quickly and effectively, from your desktop or smartphone.
Call recording lets you record and monitor any or all calls to and from any device on your phone system.
The audio conference bridge can be used for group call meetings with up to 13 participants and a maximum of 40 simultaneous conferences.
Click to call from any Windows application, making dialing a breeze.

As a hybrid communications solution, Vertical connects digital and analog phones, as well as next-generation IP technologies. The streamlined solution reduces costs by combining all of your communications tools into a single platform, including real-time voice, video, and presence-enabled instant messaging under a single-user interface on any device. With Vertical, your employees can work from any device with any technology.

You run a one-of-a-kind business, so you need a one-of-a-kind business voice system. Whether your employees are in a single location or multiple sites, desk-bound or road-bound, take inbound calls or make outbound calls, we can create the perfect fit with Allworx.
Access voicemails from your inbox.
Simply update your presence to automatically change your greeting and call route.
Customized call routes mean unlimited flexibility.
Each auto attendant can route to other auto attendants, call queues, or extensions.
Need to add a phone for your home office or remote employees? Just plug and play.
Move incoming calls to a parked area where the appropriate team member can pick up the calls from another extension, making it easy to manage incoming calls.
Unify up to 100 locations, 1,000 users, and 2,000 extensions under one VoIP communication system.
Reach and Reach Link extend the functionality of your Allworx IP phone to your iOS and Android devices with a seamless voice experience while you’re working remotely or on the road.
A smart PC companion for the Allworx handset, Interact Professional combines the ease of a PC-based interface with the high voice quality of the Allworx IP phone to boost employee productivity.
Create secure conference calls with a unique ID and password.
Eliminate your paging system with Allworx’s 10 paging zones.