Have you outgrown your ERP system?

First, let's make sure you know what an ERP system is.

This is your accounting/business/enterprise software that you are using to find, track, sell, distribute, manufacture products and/or services to your customers. It "runs" your business! Maybe you use QuickBooks or Peachtree, Business Works, Sage, Macola, Dynamics, Epicor or some other software.

What are the business benefits of adopting new IT?

Keeping up with changes in business technology can be difficult for small- and mid-sized businesses like yours. However, upgrading your company’s technology is something you can’t afford to put off or ignore completely — not if you want to stay relevant and competitive. Here’s what you’ll miss out on if you don’t adopt new tech. […]

Can you hear me now?

Do you remember the advertising slogans, "clear enough to hear a pin drop" or "can you hear me now" from US Sprint (1993) and Verizon Wireless (2003), respectively? Consumers expected high quality from their long-distance providers and with cell phones, they expected great coverage everywhere.

Surf securely with a VPN

There was a time when installing an antivirus program was enough to secure your data, but that’s no longer the case today. Whether you want to keep your online activities hidden from third parties or prevent your data from being intercepted by hackers, you need to invest in a virtual private network (VPN). What is […]

3 Disaster recovery myths, debunked

With advancements in cloud computing, disaster recovery (DR) has become more efficient and affordable than ever. However, many business owners still cling to some DR myths that can safely be disregarded, such as these three. Myth 1: Tape backups are the best DR solution Tape backups are physical objects that deteriorate over time. Try listening […]

What is proactive cybersecurity, and how do you implement it?

To keep cyberthreats at bay, you need proactive cybersecurity solutions in your arsenal. They identify and contain threats before they wreak havoc on your systems and cause significant productivity and financial losses. Here’s all you need to know about proactive cybersecurity and how to implement it. What is proactive cybersecurity? Traditional cybersecurity is reactive — […]

What’s new in cybersecurity?

ZERO! Well, that is "zero trust", I mean.

We humans are so trusting. We trust our parents, our teachers, our clergy, our scientists, and even our politicians. Really?!

With all the news articles regarding abuses and unforgivable actions by all the above authority figures in our lives, I am amazed that people are still so trusting of emails, text messages, phone calls from people they do not know or are acquaintances.

4 Things to consider before choosing an MSP

Incorporating technology into business operations can be challenging because it’s always evolving. Many companies simply can’t keep up — this is why many of them turn to managed IT services providers (MSPs) for their tech needs. Read on to learn more about them. MSPs defined MSPs are companies composed of specialists from various IT fields. […]

Helpful tips for keeping your email safe

People rely on email to do a wide array of tasks. We use it to sign up for websites, apply for jobs, make payments, get in touch with friends and family, and many more. However, email is also commonly exploited by hackers to steal information or launch malware attacks. Here are crucial steps to take […]

Your business needs a business continuity plan — here’s why

Do you know why some small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) fail during the first five years of operation? Poor leadership is one reason, inadequate capital is another. Another possible cause is the lack of preparation for major disruptions like natural disasters and cyberattacks. If you want to prevent this from happening to your business, you […]