Celebrating 27 Years of Leading IT Support in Rochester, NY

27 years it supoort rochester

As we celebrate our 27th anniversary this April, Just Solutions remains a leader in Rochester IT support. For nearly three decades, we’ve been evolving alongside the transformative changes in technology. From the introduction of the first PC, to networking, to Windows, to the Internet and now AI.

Our Journey Through IT Innovation in Rochester

Our Vice President, David Wolf, reflects on our journey, “The pace at which technology has evolved from a luxury to a necessity in our lives has been astonishing. I am happy to have chosen this industry as my career and passion. The constant innovation has taught us that to stay relevant, we must keep learning and adapting.”

Just Solutions has grown significantly over the 27 years. We’ve been privileged to collaborate with numerous businesses throughout the Rochester area. We are thankful for the opportunities to grow alongside these companies, providing top-notch IT support and solutions that have helped them thrive.

A Heartfelt Thanks to Our Community

We owe a tremendous thank you to our customers and our dedicated team members, both past and present. Your unwavering support has been crucial to our success as a leading provider of IT support in Rochester.

Our Future in IT Support and Cybersecurity

Looking forward, David Wolf emphasizes that cybersecurity will remain our top priority. “As we step into the future, cybersecurity remains our number one priority. With the power of AI and quantum computing at our fingertips, we are entering a new era that promises to surpass our imaginations.”

David also comments on the broader challenges and opportunities technology presents: “We live in the scariest of times, where both good and evil have access to technology that can change our world in an instant. There is no turning back. The rate of change is at warp speed, and governments will struggle to control it. Corporations are becoming more powerful, and the EU is ahead of the US in recognizing the emergence of corporate domination.”

As we commemorate this milestone, Just Solutions is excited to continue offering IT support that not only meets the immediate needs of our clients but also anticipates and prepares for future technological and security challenges.

Why Choose Just Solutions for Your Rochester IT Support Needs?

For over two decades, Just Solutions, Inc. has been the trusted provider for organizations in Rochester looking to optimize their IT operations. We bring a wealth of expertise, having worked with a diverse range of industries and businesses, and we understand that no two are the same.

When you partner with us, you’ll not only benefit from our expertise but also the patience and friendliness of our dedicated team, ensuring that your technology problems never overwhelm you.

Ready to have a smoother IT experience? Contact us today to learn how we can support your success!