Eliminate Downtime with Bigleaf Networks

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As you might be able to tell from our name, we are all about providing the technology solutions you need to operate at your best.  This is why, we are excited to announce that we are now an authorized Bigleaf Networks Partner. In this blog, we will explore what Bigleaf Networks is, how it functions, and the unique benefits it provides to businesses facing network downtime and connectivity issues.

Internet Outages Slowing You Down?

Downtime is frustrating. When your internet provider has an outage, your business halts. One in five organizations has experienced a significant outage in the past three years that involved financial losses, reputation damages, and compliance breaches.  

Outages attributed to software, network and systems issues are on the rise due to complexities from the increasing use of cloud technologies, software-defined architectures and hybrid, distributed architectures.

More than 60% of downtime costs over $100K, indicating a 39% increase from three years ago. Even businesses with high-bandwidth connections can experience dropped calls, choppy video conferences, and slow applications due to poor connectivity.

Building Internet Redundancy

To combat these challenges, internet redundancy is crucial. By establishing one or more backup internet connections, businesses can ensure continuous operation even if their primary line fails. This strategy involves creating multiple data paths, enabling the system to reroute traffic through alternative routes whenever necessary.

“Can’t you just use a firewall?” Seems like an easy fix, but firewalls don’t always handle failover well and can’t detect when a circuit is unusable. Some failover solutions require the sole availability of another circuit.

That means that one connection is being paid for with the hope that it’s never actually used. And even when it is needed, there will still be downtime because the failover circuit has to be manually connected to.

Redundancy might seem wasteful if you cannot utilize all the bandwidth you are purchasing. Bigleaf addresses this with a unique adaptive load-balancing system that efficiently utilizes all your internet circuits.

How Bigleaf Networks Works

Bigleaf combines proven SD-WAN technology with intelligent software to streamline internet connectivity for businesses. Let’s go over how it works.

Simplified Installation

The plug-and-play Bigleaf router integrates seamlessly outside your existing firewall with minimal setup, ensuring no disruption to your current security protocols or internet service.

Advanced Quality of Service (QoS)

Bigleaf automatically identifies and prioritizes traffic types, applying dynamic QoS policies that adapt to circuit performance, thus ensuring that critical applications like VoIP receive the bandwidth and stability they require.

Intelligent Load Balancing

Traffic is distributed across available circuits based on real-time performance metrics, ensuring efficient bandwidth use and maintaining smooth operational flow.

Real-Time Circuit Monitoring

Bigleaf continuously monitors each internet connection end-to-end, allowing for precise adjustments to optimize traffic flow based on current network conditions.

Consistent IP Address Failover

Bigleaf’s static IP addressing prevents disruptions during ISP outages, ensuring that VPNs, remote desktop connections, and other critical services continue without interruption, no matter the circuit changes.

In summary, with Bigleaf, when one of your internet circuits has an outage, you don’t. Unlike traditional policy-based SD-WAN solutions, Bigleaf gives you the uptime and performance you need without the complexity and risk of manual configuration.

Deciding if Bigleaf is Right for Your Business

To determine if Bigleaf is the optimal solution for your needs, consider the following questions:

  • Do interruptions in cloud-based applications like VoIP or ERP significantly impact your business?
  • Are your operations spread across multiple locations, particularly in areas with limited connectivity options?
  • Are you looking to implement or improve cloud and internet-dependent technologies quickly and reliably?
  • Is maintaining high-quality video conferencing capabilities a challenge?
  • Do you have existing security and ISP setups that need optimization?
  • Is your IT team overburdened?

Industries That Benefit Most from Bigleaf

Industries where downtime directly impacts productivity and revenue will find Bigleaf especially beneficial:

  • Healthcare
  • Construction
  • Architecture
  • Legal
  • Accounting
  • Financial Services
  • Retail
  • Hospitality

Real Life Use Case: Passero Associates

Passero Associates, a well-known engineering and architecture firm based in Rochester, NY, relies heavily on software like AutoCAD for design and Microsoft Teams for communication. Located on an airport property, their St. Augustine office frequently faced connectivity disruptions due to local infrastructure and weather conditions.

Since integrating Bigleaf, they have enjoyed consistent and reliable internet access, essential for their operations. As the firm considers potential relocations or expansions, they are confident in their ability to set up their Bigleaf router and connect to the internet immediately at a new site.

Interested In Learning More About Bigleaf?

Just Solutions is excited to bring Bigleaf’s technology to our customers and other Rochester businesses struggling with internet outages and downtime. With Bigleaf and redundant internet solutions, you can sidestep these common issues. We understand this can seem technical—but if you’re interested in solving your internet challenges, contact us today to see if Bigleaf is a good fit for you.

Internet connectivity without complexity

When your all-important, cloud-based technologies achieve peak performance, your teams can be productive and your business can operate efficiently.