How a Data Security Company Protects Your Online Data

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With all the hacking and data leaks that are constantly in the news, you have probably heard of encryption. The term sounds nice and official, but what does it actually mean? Encryption isn’t just a buzzword – it really is vital to protecting your online data. Here we define encryption and explain why it’s a fundamental component of data security. Finally, we demonstrate why you should use a data security company to encrypt your data.

The Meaning and Purpose of Encryption

To understand encryption, think of it as a method of translation. Encryption translates online data into another type of code that is only accessible via a secret key. Essentially, encryption keeps data confidential and inaccessible to third parties as it is transferred via networks to computer systems.

Modern Algorithms

Encryption algorithms play an important role in securing IT systems through empowering authentication, nonrepudiation, and integrity. Authentication verifies the origin of the message, non-repudiation ensures the messenger cannot deny sending a message, and integrity guarantees the message was not altered in the process.

Security Solutions

Thankfully, it’s not difficult to encrypt your data for ultimate protection. Just Solutions provides encryption of email, devices, and data. With our encryption and computer security services, you get:

  • Security software
  • Protection from cyber attacks
  • Safeguards against spam and viruses
  • Securing sensitive data during transfers
  • Detect and ward off network intruders

Get the protection you deserve with the help of a security company like Just Solutions.

Email Encryption

Controlling your email is one of the most important roles of encryption. While businesses enjoy the convenience and accessibility of email, it is especially vulnerable to hacking and data loss. Encryption management protects your data as it’s being transmitted over the internet. Secure email is an integral component of data loss prevention efforts. Automatic encryption gives you and your employees the confidence to collaborate via email as every message is tagged, classified, and encrypted.

Data encryption can seem like a complicated and daunting goal to attain. Here at Just Solutions, we handle data protection and loss prevention every day. As a premier data security company, we take on the responsibility of securing your devices and data. You don’t have to try and handle all your encryption efforts on your own. If you want to discuss how our services can benefit your business, call us at 585.203.8790 or send us a message through our contact form. We’re ready to help your business stay safe online!