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You must protect your personal and professional data – it’s critical. You likely use your home network for a mixture of leisure and business. What happens if your home network gets attacked with a virus or malware, which is an increasing risk? At best, this results in an inconvenience; at worst, important data is lost forever. Make sure you have professional PC support and a backup solution. Just Solutions provides you with preventative maintenance, backups, and a recovery plan with JSI Guardian.

Why You Need Backups and Disaster Recovery

Small business owners and residential homeowners alike keep vital information on their home computers. Hardly anyone backs up their business and personal files on a separate computer – they’re too busy, often using their computer/laptop on-the-go. If you store important records, photos, and notes on your computer, imagine it’s erased in moments due to a cyber-attack.

Small business owners are especially at risk of IT threats, often because of the expense of high-level security. Even if you can’t afford the most robust security systems, you should at least have a recovery plan in case your computers get hacked. Virtual data is constantly vulnerable to being lost. That’s why we created the JSI Guardian.

Better Backups

Our JSI Guardian program is a premier preventative maintenance and recovery program. It essentially acts as insurance for your valuable data. It’s designed to protect your digital assets from IT threats including viruses, malware attacks, and hacking.
No matter how new your computer is, every device has vulnerabilities. You should have consistent backups of all your important files. We implement and support our JSI Guardian program to consistently backup your data to give you peace of mind no matter when disaster strikes.

Security Solutions

Taking care of your devices and data is critical to avoiding inconvenient, costly, and crippling losses or repairs. When you take preventative security measures, you can be better prepared against IT threats. Allowing IT technicians to implement and maintain data recovery programs is one of the best methods for your data security.
Just Solutions is proud to offer JSI Guardian to business owners and residential homeowners who want to secure their home networks. No matter when and where you conduct business or store personal files, you deserve a sense of security. Just as you have insurance policies for potential disasters and accidents, you should have protections set up in case your home computer is attacked.

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