Why You Need Computer Security Companies

Computer security companies, also known as cyber security companies, specialize in helping businesses and individuals with software-related issues, including the network, computers and alternative devices.

Computer Security Companies …

  • Implement security software
  • Protect internet-users from cyber attacks
  • Guard against viruses and spam from infecting your devices
  • Detect and repel intruders to your network
  • Protect sensitive data during transit

Some small business owners don’t have adequate cyber security because they assume they’re too small a target for online hackers. This assumption actually contributes to why cybercriminals target small businesses.

Computer security companies monitor your online assets on a daily basis and ensures only qualified personnel have access to certain information.

Email Encryption Management System

Email is free, convenient, accessible, and instant, but only as long as nothing disastrous happens. As you transmit data over the internet, you put your information at risk from cyber attacks. Security companies encrypt information so cybercriminals can’t access or steal personal information.

An email encryption management system automatically encrypts each email you send, then reverts it back to the original message once it reaches the contact’s inbox. This way, the email is protected during transit to guard sensitive information and eliminate spam. Since the encryption is automatic, the process doesn’t disturb regular workflow or production.

Encryption management isn’t limited to email. Security companies can also encrypt phone calls, disks, audio attachments, and more.

Password Management System

Personal passwords can be easily compromised, resulting in sensitive data leaking into the wrong hands, or worse, ransomware. A password management system eliminates the possibility of hackers finding their way into your accounts.

To implement this system, register your online accounts (as many as you want/have) and create a “master keyword.” You won’t need to memorize a different password for each account – your master keyword unlocks them all. The software also explains what’s required to create a secure password – i.e., ratio of characters to symbols, uppercase to lowercase, etc.
Computer security companies can also use biometric fingerprint recognition technology, which uses a single fingerprint as a password, to further enhance your internet security.

Anti-Phishing Software

Cyber criminals try to steal account information through a type of social engineering called phishing. Social engineering is defined as prompting individuals to deliver private information by manipulating their emotions, beliefs, or feelings.
Computer software companies can install anti-phishing software that keeps an eye out for hackers that attempt to gain access to financial information.

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