Why You Need a Password Management System

Hacker stealing network password

Are you part of the majority of the US population who reuses the same password across multiple online accounts? We understand – memorizing scores of passwords, one for each account, is brain-numbing. In addition, passwords are not considered adequately secure unless they are composed of at least 18 characters, include both uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols, do not repeat, and are not real words found in any dictionary.

How can you be expected to remember dozens of such complicated figures? A Password Management System like LastPass might be your solution.

How Does It Work?

Say goodbye to sticky notes, password journals, brute memorization, and auto-fill. A Password Management (PM) system manages all your passwords across as many accounts as you want. It not only generates completely random passwords for you, but also stores them in encrypted form so they cannot be accessed in any way.

You first create a “master password,” which is the only password you’ll need to remember. This single password unlocks all your accounts that you register with the password management system, but with the additional confidence that all your account passwords are secure.

When you’re ready to log into a site, you simply type in your master password, and your PM system does the rest. It will automatically fill in your username, email account, or password. If you want, you can program the settings to auto-fill in other personal information like your address, cell number, and and name.

You can try LastPass for free during this 14 day trial!

Why Do You Need Additional Security?

Why all this extra security? You may think you won’t ever be hit by malicious cyber activity, but internet disaster doesn’t discriminate. It can affect anyone at any time.

Cyber criminals can hack into a user’s personal devices to steal sensitive information, such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, and banking information. The hackers can even take private photos, videos, and documents and store them in encrypted form until the user agrees to pay a ransom. This type of computer malware – or “malicious software” – is called ransomware.

“I Just Need a Solution!”

The Guardian by Just Solutions is designed to protect home networks or small to medium office networks from cyber crime. All important documents and data is backed up, assuring all your personal items are secure.

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A password management system can effectively stop hackers from compromising your personal information from the beginning. With an ultimately secure password, they won’t be allowed to access your accounts at all.

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