How to Secure Your Home Network with IT Disaster Recovery

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Disaster can happen to anybody, and it doesn’t wait for a convenient time to strike. Nobody can know exactly when a catastrophe will happen, which is why we all need a systematic plan for disaster recovery in case it ever does strike – especially IT disaster.

Why You Need IT Disaster Recovery

Imagine you’re a successful small business owner, you have a great family, and everything seems to be going well for you. You take your camera and laptop everywhere – business endeavors, exotic vacations with your family, meetings, hangouts. And you document your business and personal life with countless photos, videos, important records, etc. Each year your computer collects more memories and important documents.  

And then one day … your countless personal, sentimental treasures are gone. A virus attacks your computer and in moments, you lose everything stored on your network – all those memories, documents, business data. You might think, “That probably won’t happen to me,” but statistically speaking, in the past 2 years 16 million households were affected by serious virus problems, so your odds aren’t as high as you might hope.

What’s worse, small business owners in particular assume they won’t be found by the hackers, but professionals believe small businesses are actually new targets for viruses since they typically can’t afford the same level of security as bigger companies.

What can you do now to prevent IT disaster from ever happening to you?

IT Disaster Recovery: Virtual Life Insurance

We often forget that virtual items are constantly at risk for disasters like viruses and malware – a serious issue that is increasingly on the rise. How can you protect what’s important to you and ensure the safety of your data?

The JSI Guardian, a preventative maintenance plan for home computers, is designed to secure all your digital assets against viruses and other IT threats. It acts as insurance for all your virtual valuables, and works on a smaller scale for personal home networks. You can be confident you’ll always have a backup and recovery plan in case disaster strikes.

Technicians at Just Solutions have years of experience removing viruses and malware from computers, as well as diagnosing and repairing your network. Why wait to install this comprehensive plan to protect your home network from virtual disaster?