Video conferencing for small business

AstraNetworks started out as a small business venture in 1988. We know what it’s like to have all the challenges of a small business. That is why we off affordable and efficient solutions for small businesses.

When trying to expand your business on a budget, we know how important tailored solutions can be. Video conferencing is a great tool to bring together various parties without having the expense of travel. Video conferencing allows quick access to a company’s vendors, clients or prospects. It also helps realize a fast return on investment, and be able to conduct interviews or meetings from anywhere.

AstraNetworks offers Polycom, a full range of video conferencing and telepresence systems that enhances business communication and collaboration. Polycom allows you to reach customers or vendors at any time on any device via equipment that delivers consistent, high-quality video conferencing. Polycom provides high-definition video and voice, and the ability to share content in any application – all at an affordable price.

Astranetworks also offers Vidtel Meet Me services. Vidtel MeetMe is a cloud-based videoconferencing service. With MeetMe, your company can use video for both internal and B2B videoconferencing, and works seamlessly with our Polycom equipment.

We are confident that with our Polycom and Vidtel partners we offer the best solutions for small business. We are committed to affordable and efficient solutions for your business.