Protect your on-line identity. Now!

Hi All,

Read this article FIRST, then continue with my blog to understand the importance of making some fundlemental changes to your on-line security.

Wow!  So how do you protect yourself?  One suggestion I have is do NOT give real answers to those security questions.  That way only you know the answers.  You can use a generic, cryptic answer for each.  Think about it– it is easy to find your high school, birthday, high school mascot, sibling’s names, etc.  But if you don’t use the real answer, noone can guess it.

Our course, you should change your password frequently.   Suggestion:  Use a password that is simple to remember but very difficult to crack.  Use two unrelated words separated by a special character.   (Anyone remember AOL’s old password scheme?)  Example:  dog$chair.  Now, to make the password even STRONGER,  substitute the letter o with the number zero.  Change the letter i to the number one.  Make the letter c a CAPITAL letter.  You now have a difficult password that has a pattern which is easy to remember.  If you have a site that makes you change the password every thirty days, you can just simply increment the number one to two, then three and so on.  You can start over after eight since most systems only remember the first 6-9 historic passwords.

Sounds like an opportunity for someone to come up with a more secure way to protect our personal data in the cloud.

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