Options for IT Outsourcing

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You’re the owner of a large business, but you have IT tasks which you simply lack the resources, time, or knowledge to carry out. Thankfully, you can designate such tasks to experienced professionals without hiring in-house IT employees, which saves you space as well as time and money. Check out these current IT outsourcing trends to better understand what IT can do for you and your company.

Which IT Tasks Can Be Outsourced?

A majority of computer and online-based work is eligible for outsourcing. Specific tasks include:

  • Asset management
  • Software creation
  • Email
  • Customer service desk
  • Strategic planning
  • Internet threat protection
  • Online hosting
  • Data center functionality
  • Disaster recovery

Types of IT Outsourcing

In addition to outsourcing different IT tasks, there are also different types of outsourcing. If you’re focused on keeping your costs as low as possible, you might like the idea of offshore outsourcing where the above tasks are handled by IT pros in locations like China, the Philippines, and India.

If you’re a business owner who prefers working with IT firms that are located relatively nearby, nearshore outsourcing, also called domestic or onshore outsourcing, might be the better option. This type of outsourcing can be done right in your office, if you prefer.

If you require more in-depth and all-inclusive IT services, you might prefer managed IT services. This particular brand of outsourcing focuses on providing businesses with messaging, IP telephony, virtual private networks, network activity monitoring, optimum online security, and firewalls.

Trends in IT Outsourcing

You can improve your company’s capabilities by keeping up with current trends and uses of IT. Recently, companies have started to work with more than one outsourcing company to improve overall functionality and get the most from their investment. Cloud computing has also been implemented with outsourcing, specifically so software companies can access data as well as development tools.

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