What Is a Cloud Phone System?

Woman In Car Talking On Mobile Phone Whilst Driving

Cloud-based IT has most certainly spread itself around the modern world, just like its namesake. A cloud phone system is a variation on the standard Voice Over IP (VoIP) phone system. How are they different? They have innovative features like auto attendants, conference links, and extension dialing. Learn more about their benefits to see if one could be of use in your business.

Better Security

All businesses of any size and type need internet security. Cloud phone systems are more secure than their VoIP counterparts. While you might not think a hacked phone is as bad as a hacked computer, your VoIP phone bill can skyrocket if your phone system gets compromised. A phone system on the cloud helps ensure you pay for only the calls you actually make.

Lower Overhead Costs

A major problem with standard VoIP systems, they often come with high overhead costs, which can spell financial disaster for small or medium sized companies that lack the financial resources to keep up with such costs. Phone systems based on a cloud have a lower overhead cost. In addition, users don’t have to spend extra time getting everything set up, which means they can get back to operating the business and managing customers and clients.

General Accessibility

While IT advances can be beneficial, they don’t always have an easy learning curve. You don’t want to waste company time or productivity. Cloud phone systems are quick and easy to set up and equally easy to use. For instance, if a new employee joins the team, anyone can add them to the system; you don’t need to call an IT pro.

Great for Telecommuters

Nowadays, employees commonly work off-site, away from the office. To keep business going and maintain productivity, cloud phone systems can link a remote employee’s phone number to the system, so he or she is easier to reach. You can also call the remote employee on the phone without adding him or her to the system, but that can result in a high phone bill for the employee, which the employer typically pays. Cloud phone systems make things easier for everyone involved.

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