Video conferencing reduces work anxiety during the holidays


“I hate traveling for work, especially during the holiday season. Streets are crowded, snowy, dangerous, and I just want to be home with the family, surrounded by festive decorations and holiday treats.”

Traveling for Work during the Holidays Makes Us Cranky

Is this you? It’s probably a little bit of all of us. The problem with traveling too much for work during the holiday season goes beyond what you miss out on at home. It can lead to road rage, back tension, and exhausting stress. It can make your work and relationships suffer, which will leave you feeling cranky for the holidays. That’s where our video conferencing solutions come in.

Skip Holiday Travel By Video Conferencing

Video conferencing allows you to avoid crowded, snowy streets, and travel expenses. In fact, we recently used Zoom to video conference a colleague who’s never used it (between New York & California) and neither of us had to do any traveling, or fumble around with complicated setup, or even glitch interruptions. We simply sent over a Meeting ID and our colleague entered the numbers into the “Join a Meeting” section of the Zoom website and we began our high-def, face-to-face, live meeting. That’s great! But what makes Zoom better than free video chats like Skype, or GoToMeeting?

Our Video Conferencing Solutions Go Beyond Consumer-Grade

Zoom video conferencing is designed for business, while free options are usually just consumer-grade. Zoom offers a business class picture and security stability. It also enables users to conference up to 25 people/locations. Think that’ll get too complicated? Zoom automatically highlights whoever is speaking by making their video box larger than others so you can always know who’s saying what. Is 25 not enough? You can send your video conference up to the cloud and broadcast to 1,000 viewers. This sophisticated tool isn’t limited to video alone, it also provides instantaneous document sharing, editing, and instant messaging on ANY device (yes, even: smartphones, tablets, and laptops).

Don’t Waste Another Holiday Traveling for Work

Now that you know what our video conferencing solutions can do, don’t spend another holiday attending meetings that force you to travel and leave you cranky. Call us and we will offer great prices and expert installation along with helpful consulting. AstraNetworks will free you from stress by streamlining your meetings so that you can be more productive at home and at work during the holidays.

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