Protect Your Data from Ransomware with Backup Recovery


Data breaches, viruses, and hacking are a consistent and increasing risk for both business and residential users. Ransomware, in particular, is on the rise, which leads to users losing access to data and often results in businesses grinding to a screeching halt. When your data gets encrypted and blocked, you don’t have to resort to paying the cyber criminals. Learn how ransomware attacks occur and how you can secure your online data with backup recovery.

Vulnerable Websites and Emails

The most common ransomware infections occur through compromised websites. Websites can be hacked through browser exploits and phishing techniques causing instant downloads of ransomware. Malicious email attachments may also contain ransomware. Files may be disguised as common word-processing documents or PDFs, when in reality they contain executable files that infect your computer.
Criminals use strategic social engineering techniques to trick users into downloading and installing malicious files. This means any of your employees could be at risk, whether they’re using personal or business email accounts or devices. Don’t let your business be behind the times of preparing for attacks and having a backup plan.

How to Prepare

Any business or individual user should adopt a ransomware-prevention strategy that is grounded in preparation. The most important part of this strategy is making regular backups of your data. If your files get encrypted, you can restore from your backup. Otherwise, your only options are to lose your data or pay the ransom.

What to Look For

Not all backup solutions are created equal. Rather than just relying on a traditional backup process based on individual files, utilize an image backup that converts your data into an immediately-available virtual machine. For the easiest and most convenient process, your data should be readily available through onsite and offsite virtualization.
Backing up your files to the cloud is another key aspect of a robust anti-ransom solution. The security and protection of the cloud keeps your data secure. With enhanced authentication and malware scanning, cloud backups are great for protecting against ransomware attacks.

Stay Protected

Don’t postpone adopting an anti-ransomware strategy. Take a proactive approach to protect your commercial and personal data with the premier backup recovery program from Just Solutions. JSI Vault features everything you need to keep your data protected. It’s also easy to manage and provides immediate restoration without the need for conversion. JSI Vault is designed for your peace of mind. Call 585-203-8790 or submit a contact form to learn more about our backup solutions.