Panasonic’s new NS Series phone system solves major communications pain points

One trend that’s having a significant impact on companies today is the shift towards a remote workplace, as organizations are spreading out and more employees are working from home. It’s called “decentralization” of the traditional corporate environment and, while there are great perks for the arrangement, there are also some challenges when it comes to communication.

Decentralization of the Workforce Creates Communication Issues

There are certainly benefits for both employers and employees to the remote workplace environment, as the arrangement offers more flexibility and lowered costs. However, it can be difficult unifying a team of workers who are separated by distance, whether they’re working from home, at another office location or on the road. The main challenge is communication, as productivity and morale can suffer – especially when team collaboration is necessary.

Many companies have tried to solve the communication pain points by implementing VPN technology or other networking solutions, but these attempts only create new problems. Setting up complicated networks requires considerable expertise due to complex configurations and security. Plus, they’re not always reliable and can experience downtime.

Panasonic’s New NS Series Solves Communication Pain Points

Panasonic has just launched its latest telecommunications technology that resolves issues with remote workers: The NS Series was designed with the decentralized organization in mind, enabling seamless communication from anywhere from the corporate headquarters to home office. With robust communications features, employees have an easily accessible system to manage email, voicemail, instant message and fax from anywhere on the globe. Plus, the NS700 and NS1000 are scalable, which allows companies to expand without the need for significant added investment.

Primary Features of the NS Series

Both models in the Panasonic NS Series are engineered to provide streamlined communication, lower telecommunication costs and increase productivity among members of a remote workforce. Multiple features offer valuable benefits for organizations of all sizes, including:

A centralized administration hub for managing the system;

Disaster recovery and survivability;
Internet-based connectivity with low cost SIP trunks;
IP open protocol for real-time communication;
Call center capabilities, including routing and reporting;
Scalability for the needs of growing businesses;
A wide range of connections options, including IP phone, digital phone and conferencing devices;
Call recording;
On-site wireless networking;
Desktop call and communication controls;
Unified messaging for voice mail, call center and other sources; and,
Many more.

The Panasonic NS Series includes the Communication Assistant productivity application for enhanced collaboration across dispersed locations. This tool provides visual control of calls and messages from a PC and seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Outlook. It also supports group conferencing and IP camera solutions.

Eliminate Communications Challenges with the Panasonic NS Series

As you can see, the Panasonic NS Series is a robust solution that helps companies of all sizes leverage their remote workforce, while minimizing the hassles of communication in a decentralized environment. For more information on the NS700 and NS1000, please contact Astra Networks to speak with one of our specialists. We can tell you more about Panasonic’s communications technology and consult with you to find the right solution.