How Managed Print Services (MPS) Benefit SMBs


Many small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) need a “fleet” of printers, Xerox copiers, multifunction Xerox printers, and devices with varying capabilities to maintain productivity. Many staff members don’t have the technical know-how to effectively control the cost of printing, and are likely unaware of the comprehensive cost of printing.

The Cost of Printing Services

SMBs invest approximately 15% of their annual budget on printing alone. What with the cost of printing for each staff member, maintaining multiple Xerox copiers and printers, continually supplying consumables like paper, ink, and toner, as well as acquiring technical service from the IT help desk, the total annual cost of printing is staggering.  

To put the cost in perspective, imagine a typical office environment, with several desktop computers for employees, telecommuters, and mobile workers, who all use the same printing equipment. When users are ready to start printing, they probably don’t stop to think that:

  • Black and white ink is less expensive than color ink
  • Inkjet or laserjet printers are more expensive to use for printing than a workgroup multifunction printer
  • Printing on only one side of the paper is more expensive than duplex printing

The printing expenses aren’t properly managed or controlled, and staff members are unaware that they could be contributing to annual savings for the company.

So what’s the solution? Managed Print Services (MPS) seeks to manage these expenses to create a more organized and unified workflow.  

How Managed Print Services Work

SMBs can take advantage of Managed Print Services, which help businesses gain control of the costs of printing. Once the managed print server is installed in the office, MPS help reduce in-house costs by tracking:

  • how often each printer is used
  • the security of each printing job
  • the optimization of printer deployment

With MPS, the current needs of an existing company are analyzed to see if minimizing equipment is an option to increase savings. Less effective printers, such as personal inkjet or laser printers, are removed and even replaced with more cost effective workgroup printers. Staff members are trained to be aware of printing costs and how to take advantage of MPS.

MPS trace all prints back to the department they came from, so all printing jobs are accurately allocated to each department. This helps companies know how best to optimize printer deployment. Equipment with high and low capabilities are properly allocated as the job requires, based on the accounting metrics.

Most MPS require authentication from each user before a printing job is initiated. This authentication, usually a card-based system or PIN number, is required at the Xerox printer, so the user must be physically present before the equipment starts printing. This method helps protect sensitive documents from getting lost or misplaced, enforcing the security of each printing project.  

The Benefits of MPS

Perhaps the most significant advantage of MPS, all employees can focus on their lead position within the company instead of struggling over the printing system. In addition, the company can:

  • See all the printing equipment in one place
  • Control the output of printing deployment
  • Save money by reducing waste
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Allow telecommuters and mobile workers secure access to printers
  • Become more eco-friendly by reducing environmental footprint
  • Provide a more secure environment for documentation
  • Receive help from IT experts to manage the network, support the platform, and offer cloud-based solutions
  • Create prompt digital solutions for processes like routing and approvals


As a certified Xerox Channel Partner, Just Solutions helps SMBs with all their printing needs, such as:

  • Assess the printing infrastructure of the business free of charge
  • Centralize all printers & copiers
  • Manage documentation
  • Offer Xerox support for all printing equipment
  • Replenish supplies before staff members are affected
  • Share technical expertise in multifunction printers
  • Increase business productivity with software solutions

If you’re interested in saving company time and reducing the overall printing costs, contact us to learn more about Managed Print Services from Just Solutions.