Advantages of “Hosted” & “Premise-Based” VoIP-PBX Phone Systems

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Is business fluctuating? Are you struggling to manage customer calls, or wasting capital on unused technology? How can you maintain the same level of professional communication necessary for your company and still keep track of inhouse expenditure?

VoIP phone systems might be the solution you need to manage business changes. VoIP phone systems transmit a standard phone call over the internet using a digital format. VoIP phone systems need only a network connection to place calls – no personal computer, no cords or outlets either.

Before you purchase a new phone system, make sure you understand all your options, especially if your company phone system needs to grow. If you’re expecting a certain growth percentage, you’ll want to make sure your phone selection is scalable to accommodate the internal growth.

Hosted VoIP-PBX Phone Systems

Many small or medium-sized businesses select a Cloud phone system known as hosted VoIP-PBX – cost-effective, easily managed phone system for businesses that undergo rapid change. Hosted PBX systems, as opposed to premise-based phone systems, are stored in the Cloud, not on the company’s premises, and require a monthly fee.

A hosted PBX phone system makes sense if:

  • You don’t have IT staff onsite to manage issues that unexpectedly arise
  • Your company hires many remote workers
  • Your employees are often on the road, traveling or commuting
  • You have limited office space

Unlike premise-based networks, hosted phone systems don’t require installation and maintenance fees, onsite storage space, or inhouse dedicated IT technicians.

Advantages of Hosted VoIP-PBX Phone Systems

Hosted VoIP-PBX phone systems give you the same advantages as premise-based systems, such as call managing, messaging, voice answering, reporting, customized extensions, conferences, automatic responders, security features, and more. You can also take calls from the convenience of your desktop and other electronic devices.

If your number of employees tends to fluctuate from season to season, hosted PBX systems can be scaled up or down to meet the needs of your company.

Premise-Based VoIP-PBX Phone Systems

As you can probably guess, a premise-based VoIP-PBX phone system is located directly on the company’s site. Rather than relying on the internet to transmit calls, the operating system is installed in a dedicated storage room at the business’s physical address. A premise-based PBX phone system makes sense if:

  • You enjoy using landline providers (Time Warner, Frontier)
  • You’d rather save on monthly costs and pay more for initial set-up
  • You want to take advantage of a short lease
  • You want to own the equipment rather than rent it
  • You enjoy the convenient control and easy customization of an onsite system

Advantages of Premise-Based VoIP-PBX Phone Systems

Premise-based VoIP-PBX phone systems allow you to add on certain features without purchasing a brand new company phone system – a helpful advantage as new technology and products are released over time. You’d be able to connect to detached offices or utilize remote phones.

If you aren’t sure what type of phone system would best suit your business, contact us to discover all your options and get your questions answered. We can help you create a list of the features you’re looking for and then describe the phone system that would work best for your specific situation.