5 Cybersecurity Habits That Will Get You On The Naughty List

Cybersecurity Habits

As the holiday season approaches, it’s not just Santa who’s checking his list twice. Your cybersecurity habits could put you squarely on the naughty list. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are like twinkling lights on a tree for cybercriminals, irresistible and easy to spot. A cyber attack? Now that’s worse than finding coal in your stocking.

#1 Not Taking Cybersecurity Seriously: The Ghost of Business Past

For many businesses, efficiency trumps security. They’re like busy elves, focused on moving forward and keeping the workshop running smoothly. Unfortunately, in this hustle, cybersecurity often becomes an afterthought. It’s the equivalent of leaving Santa’s workshop unlocked and unguarded. Resources might be tight, and dedicated IT management might seem like a luxury, but remember, security should never be a compromise.

#2 Poor Password Hygiene: The Grinch of Cybersecurity

Remembering every password is as tough as fitting down a narrow chimney. But using the same password everywhere? That’s asking for trouble. It’s like leaving your front door unlocked and a plate of cookies out for the Grinch. Ditch the sticky note full of passwords on your desk and consider a password manager. This simple switch can protect your digital presents better than any wrapping paper.

#3 Insufficient Employee Training: The Nutcracker's Forgotten Battle

Your employees aren’t mind-readers, just like Clara in The Nutcracker couldn’t have known about the Mouse King’s plans. Without proper training to spot phishing emails and other cyber threats, you can’t fault employees for falling for malicious schemes. Shockingly, 82% of data breaches involve human error (Verizon’s 202 Data Breaches Investigations Report). Malware, phishing, and password attacks often target individual users. Regular training isn’t just nice to have. It’s as essential as a star on the Christmas tree.

#4 Neglecting Endpoint Security: Home Alone Without Kevin

Think of endpoint security as your own digital Kevin McCallister, set up to protect your network ‘home’ from intruders. Without it, you’re leaving the window open for Harry and Marv, the cybercriminals. It’s always a good idea to review the way you issue, store, and update user credentials. Just like setting up those famous traps, implementing zero-trust security measures and encryption is vital to keep the bad guys at bay.

#5 Too Inconvenienced By MFA: Scrooge's Final Mistake

We get it, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) can feel like a pesky caroler interrupting your quiet evening. But the reality is, this tiny inconvenience is a significant barrier against cyber threats. Like anything in cybersecurity it might not be foolproof but it can help significantly in the event of a phishing attack. Larger organizations are catching on, but SMBs still have some work to do.

Believe it or not more than half of small and medium-sized business owners do not use MFA. According to a study done by the Cyber Readiness Institute, 13% of employees at SMBs are required to use MFA, compared to 87% of employees at companies with 10,000+ employees. Skipping MFA is like Scrooge ignoring the lessons of Christmas. It’s a choice that could haunt you.

Your Sleigh Ride to Safety

Don’t let these naughty habits land you on the wrong side of cybersecurity. At Just Solutions, we’re equipped with the industry’s top certifications and ready to guide your sleigh safely through the digital snow. Schedule a security assessment with us today, and let’s ensure your business’s cybersecurity is on the nice list this holiday season.