Video conferencing reduces work anxiety during the holidays

“I hate traveling for work, especially during the holiday season. Streets are crowded, snowy, dangerous, and I just want to be home with the family, surrounded by festive decorations and holiday treats.”

Traveling for Work during the Holidays Makes Us Cranky

Is this you? It’s probably a little bit of all of us.

What’s the difference between “Premise Based” and “Hosted” PBX phone systems?

Don’t Know What Phone System Is Best for Your Business?

Looking for a phone system can get complicated and confusing. Making an uneducated phone decision can lead to limited or unnecessary capabilities that don’t compliment your company. Today, there are several telephone solution options that were not available if you purchased your current system as few as five years ago.

Business basics: What’s cloud computing?

There was a time when all software programs were loaded onto everyone’s desktop computer with the files and databases residing on the hard drive. When the user left the computer the information stayed at their desk.

Today, computer applications and data can be stored on servers at a different location and accessed through the Internet.

Video conferencing for small business

AstraNetworks started out as a small business venture in 1988. We know what it’s like to have all the challenges of a small business. That is why we off affordable and efficient solutions for small businesses.

When trying to expand your business on a budget, we know how important tailored solutions can be.