Telephone Accessories

Headsets, hold-music, digital voice recording, and more, for companies in need of upgrades to their business telecom.

Top-of-the-line supplies with
dedicated support

Just Solutions, Inc.’ wide selection of phone system accessories ensures your teams have reliable equipment for their daily communications. Our hardware and accessories also include professional installation services and responsive support in the event of technical issues, warranty repairs, or the need for immediate upgrades.



Paging and intercom systems, on-hold music and messaging systems, call accounting systems, digital call recording systems, and more.



Headsets, audio conferencing phones, cabling supplies, speakers and accessories, batteries and power supplies, and more.

For office, warehouse, or factory locations, we’re a licensed provider of Bogen’s dependable paging and intercom solutions that deliver the highest-quality audio on the market. Call today.

Affordable, customizable “on-hold” music and messaging solutions that allow you to inform and entertain your customers when they have to wait on the line. Call today.

AstraNetworks ’ call recording solutions are easy to use and give you the ability to manage call quality in real time and stay fully compliant with industry regulations. Call today.

Our feature-rich call accounting systems let businesses manage telephone costs closely for billing purposes and give them the data they need to track employees’ usage.Call today.

Polycom is the leader in high-quality conferencing systems for business meetings and their products allow easy voice and video collaboration in large or small companies.Call today.

Plantronics headsets are some of the most reliable and durable on the market and are the “gold standard” for companies with large workforces and bigger telecom budgets. Call today.