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Web & Video Conferencing Solutions to Better Connect with Remote Workers

AstraNetworks is a web & video communications PARTNER that helps you receive the HIGHEST VALUE from your investment.

  • We are not a “vendor”; we BECOME your web & video communications DEPARTMENT
  • Our RECOMMENDATIONS, INSTALLATIONS, and SUPPORT benefit web & video conferencing in areas surrounding ROCHESTER NY
  • We give your businesses a greater COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE through web & video communications
  • Our strategic advice helps you SAVE MONEY on your unique web & video conferencing operations

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Phone meetings with remote workers, or multiple parties can be stressful or even useless. When you’re not in the same room, it’s hard to know if you have someone’s full attention. Statistics show how valuable BODY LANGUAGE is to communication.

That’s why, whether you need to stay in contact with mobile or remote colleagues, customers, or vendors, AstraNetworks offers room and cloud solutions for audio & video conferencing, web collaboration, and instant messaging. We help businesses of all sizes in the Rochester NY area utilize services such as live meeting, netmeeting and more.

Web Conferencing Solutions for Simple to Complex Online Meetings

AstraNetworks provides an EASY-to-use, all-in-one CLOUD MEETING platform for video conferencing, group messaging, and document sharing called ZOOM.

  • We offer Zoom because its BUSINESS-CLASS QUALITY & SECURITY STABILITY cannot be compared to by consumer-grade options like Skype or GoToMeeting
  • We like that Zoom gives you options to conference up to 25 people/locations OR broadcast to 1,000 viewers using the cloud (with ability to auto DETECT & HIGHLIGHT speakers)
  • Zoom isn’t limited to video, it also provides INSTANT document sharing, editing, and messaging on ANY device (even tablets & smartphones)

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Video Conferencing Solutions for Small Work Areas to Large Board Rooms

AstraNetworks uses POLYCOM video conferencing solutions because of their lifelike, dependable, and interoperable capabilities.

  • We recommend Polycom because you can experience the highest of quality AND consume up to 50% LESS BANDWIDTH than other options
  • We like that Polycom’s CUSTOMIZABLE and EXPANDABLE options help you enjoy your investment for many years (including interoperability with other manufacturers)
  • Polycom makes it easy to start & manage your meeting by the click of a button (including a tablet)

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