Pricing Plans

Why choose Just Solutions over Lifelock?

Lifelock’s Ultimate Plan


per month

  • SSN and Credit Alerts
  • Annual Credit Reports and Scores
  • 401(k) & Investment Activity Alerts
  • Alerts on Crimes in Your Name

Mainly focused on financial and personal identity protection -- leaving your systems vulnerable

  • $1,000,000 Protection Package
  • SSN and Credit Alerts
  • Lost Wallet Protection
  • Bank and Credit Card Activity Alerts
  • Credit Monitoring
  • 401(k) and Investment Activity Alerts
  • Annual Credit Reports and Scores (3 Bureaus)
  • Monthly Credit Score Tracking (1 Bureau)
  • Data Breach Notifications
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Fictitious Identity Monitoring
  • Alerts on Crimes Committed In Your Name
  • Address Change Verification
  • Sex Offender Registry Reports
  • Priority Live Member Support


per month

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  • Cybersecurity Protection Systems
  • Computer Maintenance and Installation
  • Scam Protection
  • Data Backup and Recovery

Robust security coverage for your ENTIRE computers and network

  • PC Tune-Up
  • Part Installation
  • Remote Network Support
  • Anti-Malware
  • Cybersecurity Training
  • Security Alerts
  • Scam Protection
  • Password Management
  • Data Backup & Recovery


per month

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  • SSN Monitoring
  • Experian Credit Monitoring, Credit Report, and Credit Score
  • Non-Credit Loan Monitoring
  • Court and Criminal Record Monitoring

Complete financial and personal identity protection plan

  • $1,000,000 Identity Theft Insurance Policy
  • Experian Credit Monitoring, Credit Report, and Credit Score
  • Non-Credit Loan Monitoring
  • Lost Wallet Protection
  • SSN Monitoring
  • Identity Restoration
  • Guardian Cyber Monitoring
  • Personal/Corporate Email Credential Monitoring
  • Court and Criminal Record Monitoring
  • Personal Social Media Monitoring
  • Local Sex Offender Monitoring
  • 24/7 Toll-Free Access to Member Support

What’s the difference between JSI Guardian and JSI Guardian ID?

JSI Guardian is our main security plan, while JSI Guardian ID is our add-on service. We recommend that users purchase JSI Guardian ID in addition to their JSI Guardian plan. Doing this will completely seal off any gaps, prevent vulnerabilities in your computers and network, and keep your personal information private.

Satisfied Customers Define Us

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High-quality service, Prompt solutions

“Since the cost for me is going to be there either way the difference in price is not as important, the level of service is. When I need help I expect it quickly and by professional technicians. This is what you bring to the table for me. Quick response and knowledge about the server environment which makes the cost difference not important. I have tried the less costly route and got what I paid for. And now I also get what I pay for. This is where the cost difference matters.”

Pat Allen
Pride Commercial

Always on technology

“We are set to GO!!! Everything seems to be working perfectly, and David said to call him any time we need his help. Having someone local and ready to help is a big benefit.”

Gail Marlett
Big Oak Golf Shop

Reliable IT Service

“Being a law firm we have an enormous amount of client data - a reliable secure network is important to the success of the firm because we have to maintain attorney client confidential information and secure all the information we get from our clients. Just Solutions provides reliable IT service and helps me focus on my business.”

Derek Brocklebank
Brocklebank Law Firm