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Identity theft happens when cybercriminals steal your personal information -- such as your name or social security number -- to obtain services, credit, or merchandise. If worst comes to worst, they could even leave you with a criminal record or outstanding arrest warrants.


No matter your age group or civil status, you’re always at risk

Why are kids and teens defenseless to identity theft?

  • Kids and teens have a spotless credit record, which means thieves can easily open new accounts, and charge products or services under their name.
  • Proud parents are likely to share too much of their kids’ and teens’ accomplishments and private details to virtually anybody.

Why are millennials defenseless to identity theft?

  • Millennials grew up online and have a habit of oversharing on social media, even their sensitive information.
  • This age group openly accepts 'friend requests' from strangers lurking to retrieve their private details.

Why are recently divorced couples defenseless to identity theft?

  • Recently divorced individuals will get back into the dating scene and accidentally share personal information.
  • Divorcees' recent separation could mean weakened online defenses as an ex-partner could still have access to secure web accounts.

Why are newlyweds defenseless to identity theft?

  • Newlyweds will begin merging their finances online, which means more exposure of their private info on the web.
  • Being newly married, this couple will likely post details about their wedding and honeymoon, which could jeopardize their privacy.

Why are new parents defenseless to identity theft?

  • Excited new parents will inform their friends and family on social media about the new addition to their family, unwittingly giving thieves key family information.
  • Exhausted moms and dads aren't likely to pay as much attention to security passwords and software as they did before.

Why are new homeowners defenseless to identity theft?

  • New homeowners will most likely release their new address to friends and relatives, which thieves can seamlessly retrieve.
  • Buying things online for their new home could lead to more exposure of their private details.
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    Credit card theft

    When purchasing online, criminals lurk to steal your credit card details.


    Unsecure websites

    Thieves lurk in unsecure sites and linger there until you make a transaction and reveal your private info.



    Online scammers can pose as a legitimate entity, requiring you to disclose personal details.



    Cybercriminals can hack banks and retail chains to steal your bank and credit card information.


    Shoulder surfing

    When using an ATM machine, someone might be looking over your shoulder and copying your private data.

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    Scammers set up devices in ATM machines or on credit card readers that can copy your PIN.


    Fraudulent credit reports

    Fraudsters who want to get a copy of your credit report can pretend to be your landlord or employer.



    Cyberthieves call your employer or banks, deceiving them into sharing your personal info.


    Dumpster Diving

    Your discarded junk mail could be looted for sensitive info like bank account numbers.


    Mail theft

    The statements filled with complete information in your physical mailbox is a treasure box for these felons.

Cybercriminals will sell your private details to underground
markets where other like-minded felons would use it to:


File fraudulent tax returns, apply loans, commit identity fraud, etc.


Make unauthorized purchases online


Launch spam or phishing attacks


Buy prescription medicine or make fraudulent insurance claims


Use info for extortion or blackmail, hacktivism, etc.


Transfer money, create counterfeit cards, or pay bills

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Comprehensive identity restoration

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Identity theft insurance

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