How to Play Golf
& Fix Your IT Problems for FREE

Since the Golf season is almost here, Just Solutions Inc.
Would Like to Offer You 2 Gifts.
  1. 1 Free Round of Golf at Ravenwood Golf Course.
    (Paid by Just Solutions)
  2. Technology Assessment to Solve Any IT Problems you are having.
    Over $497 Dollar Value!

But First (As Promised), Please Find Your “7 Secret Tips To Lower Your Handicap” Below.

  1. STRETCH & RESIST – Despite what you may think, playing golf while riding a cart can sometimes hurt you more than help you. If you can, walk the course. You’ll loosen up and stay more flexible. But if you opt to ride, stretch as often as you can during the round to prevent stiffening up.
  2. STAY CONNECTED – As you warm up for your practice session, don’t always reach for the driver. Try warming up with heavier clubs like short irons and wedges first. It will help smooth-en your tempo and prevent you from swinging too fast, too soon.
  3. USE THE WHOLE RANGE – When practicing on the range, get used to hitting shots that feel uncomfortable to you. Imagine holes that are shaped the opposite way of your natural ball flight and rehearse the steps necessary to hit the fairways and greens. The range is a blank canvas for your imagination. Use it!
  4. PUTTING TO THE FRINGE – Practice your directional control as well as your distance control. A great drill is to stand in the middle of the putting green and try putting to the fringe. Get the ball to stop as close as you can to the edge of the longer grass. By not having a specific target to aim at, you’ll enhance your feel for better distance control.
  5. TEAR YOUR SHIRT! – To add some width to your turn, swing two clubs in both hands or use a weighted training aid. Start slow and make the biggest swings you can back and through. In minutes, you’ll feel 10 years younger and 20 yards longer!
  6. MAKE IT HOT! – Is your swing speed 85, 95, 110 mph? Many top ball companies are using high-tech ball fittings and you should definitely take advantage. Check out your favorite manufacturer’s website and find the ball that’s perfect for you!

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(Get Your Free Gifts Today!)

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Don’t Have Time To Practice? Can’t Play Enough Golf Because Of Your Computer Problems?

Do you feel like your computer guy isn’t showing you enough love? Maybe it’s the constant problems that continue to crop up with your e-mail, printer, server, website or phone systems.. Or maybe he takes a little bit too long to call back and then when you DO get him on the phone, he’s less than polite.

Or maybe he constantly makes excuses about why things aren’t working or forgets to follow through on your requests. These are the frustrations we hear all the time from business owners who are fed up with the lack of support and service they are getting from their computer guy or IT support company.

Enough Is Enough!

And while delivering fast, friendly IT support from technicians who actually know how to get things working isn’t an amazing concept, I’m amazed at how many IT companies don’t get it right.

We Will Pay! Enjoy a Round of Golf on Us While We Will Fix
Your IT Problems FREE.

Since the Golf season is upon us, we’d like to offer you 2 gifts, paid for by Just Solutions Inc.
  1. A gift certificate for a FREE round of golf at Ravenwood Golf Course
  2. A Free computer support assessment to resolve any IT problem you’re having. Whether it is:
    • Network Security and Backup systems.
    • Website performance and internet marketing problems.
    • Printer/copier/scanner problems
    • VoIP/Phone Systems
    • Managed Care Programs

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your business must have at least 5 computers and one server in your office to be considered for this promotion. New Clients Only. Other than that, there are no stings attached and no fine print. Just fill out the form on the right. But you have to sign up before the season ends!! Why are we giving this away for free? Because we know that once you see how quickly we make your technical problems melt away, you’ll end up being a client for life and you will tell your friends about us too!

Fill out the form or call To Claim Your FREE golf certificate and Your IT Support Assessment: 585-425-3420

Happy Clients

“One of the biggest benefits of hiring Just Solutions for us has been having a professional company available to solve our IT problems. With the remote access ability it is like having our own IT team here in the office.”
Richard Myrick,
Suburban Disposal
“Fast response to emergency issues that we have had in the office.”
Charles A. Treviso Yaeger,
Treviso & Associates, Inc.

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