HIPAA for Audits and Compliance

Just Solutions provide expert consultation to help you stay compliant with HIPAA regulations

HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, sets the standard for protecting sensitive patiendata. Any company that deals with protected health information (PHI) must ensure that all the required physical, network, and process security measures are in place and followed.

This includes covered entities (CE), anyone who provides treatment, payment, and operations in healthcare, and business associates (BA), anyone with access to patient information and provides support in treatment, payment, or operations. Subcontractors, or business associates of business associates, must also be in compliance.

The HIPAA Privacy Rule addresses the saving, accessing, and sharing of medical and personal information of any individual, while the HIPAA Security Rule more specifically outlines national security standards to protect health data created, received, maintained, or transmitted electronically, also known as electronic protected health information (ePHI).

Just Solutions has partnered with Semel Consulting to provide three levels of security for your company’s HIPAA compliance

The stand-alone HIPAA Security Risk Analysis is a HIPAA requirement for ALL medical practices. Additionally, if you are Attesting for Meaningful Use, you are certifying that your practice has “conducted or reviewed a Security Risk Analysis in accordance with the requirements under the HIPAA Security Rule and implemented security updates as necessary and correct identified security deficiencies as part of its risk management process.” To attest, you must correct the deficiencies before or during your Meaningful Use reporting period.

Think of this as a series of medical tests resulting in a diagnosis.

The HIPAA SOS Plan is designed for clients who don’t have the HIPAA expertise or the time to manage a compliance program. HIPAA SOS includes guidance with Policy and Procedures, staff training, and ongoing HIPAA compliance. You will have tools that save time and a year of access to a nationally recognized HIPAA expert to help you.

Think of this as medical tests, a diagnosis, and treatment plan.

The HIPAA SOS PLUS plan is the complete package for preventing data breaches, and HIPAA and Meaningful Use compliance. This includes quarterly technical and compliance reviews with technical gap analysis. The plan includes all items in HIPAA SOS plus three additional quarterly security risk analysis tests and reports.

Think of this as medical tests, a diagnosis, treatment plan, and a wellness program.

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